Making data accessible, understandable and actionable is in our DNA

Qrawler was born out of frustration with the hardship of making sense of massive amounts of valuable data. It first saw the break of day at Chalmers University, and is now charged with making data accessible, understandable and valuable to every organisation.

We started out by creating a ground-breaking solution for how to search deep in massive amounts of unstructured data, regardless of their source. The results and their relationships are visualised in an interactive interface, making it possible to immediately take action.

Our next step was to enable deep search of any type of data from any source, giving organisations the possibility to act on both internal and external data.

Today Qrawler allows companies to combine structured and unstructured data with deep web scraping, streaming logs and telemetry in almost any way.

At Qrawler, we continue to remove the barriers between data and action, simplifying data based decision making.

Enterprise experienced team with an entrepreneurial mindset!

Qrawlers extremely powerful and advanced software platform is fully data agnostic, and the only system that can identify information inside files on a variety of different storage solutions. This information is compiled, analysed and made accessible to everyone in the organisation through powerful visualisation tools, 


Qrawler is installed with minimum footprint in your architecture, making it easy and fast to start using our solutions


Qrawler rapidly collects all files from your available data sources, immediately enabling actionable insights


Qrawler collects all available document types, giving your organisation a broader source of information to draw insight from


Qrawler allows you to search inside all documents for specific pieces of information, providing deeper insight.

Qrawler simplifies decision making by removing the barriers between data and action