Full visibility of data across all platforms

Our data agnostic platform cuts across systems and databases to collect real-time data from all your sources. By providing easy access, actionable insights and a full overview of all data in powerful dashboards we make data your most valuable asset.



Qrawler Forensics gives you the power to act fast in the event of a breach or malpractice.

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Qrawler Business Insights enables efficient decision making based on reliable real time data.

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Qrawler Due Diligence gives you a complete overview of the company you are going into business with.

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Qrawler Customer Support makes relevant data accessible to enable world class customer care.

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See what Qrawler can do for you!

Explore new products, stay up to date with apps and add-ons and get help when you need it.

Reduced storage cost

Qrawler reduces your cloud & server space by removing obsolete documents and duplicates.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Qrawler allows customer support to respond faster and more accurately, reducing time per ticket and improved upsales.

Faster results

Qrawlers patented technology finds data in any unstructured stack faster than any other solution.

Why Qrawler?

Make data valuable

Organisations are overwhelmed with enormous amount of non graspable data. We are passionate about making their data valuable.

Make data driven decisions

Through our bespoke and powerful software we enable organisations to make data driven decisions by connecting, structure, analyse and visualize data sources in a completely new way.

Tailor-made solutions

We make their data useful for every challenge, question or action through a powerful search and visualization tool where we tailor-make solutions for each customers specific needs.


Qrawler effortlessly searches through both structured and unstructured data, in all your sources, to locate any information.


Qrawler’s interactive and user friendly interface gives you a full overview of all your data and how it is interconnected.


Qrawler’s unique drag-and-drop functionality allows you to easily move and manage data between various sources for quick and easy handling.